The Wedding of Laura & Howie: Teaser Trailer

The Wedding of Laura & Jodie & Nathan 

The Wedding of Sarah & Jonathan Tate

The Wedding of Laura and Jimm

The Wedding of Ruth & Scott 

The Wedding Of  Grace and Josh

The Wedding Of  Laura and Tyrone 

Hi there friends. Thank you for visiting Liam O'Hara Weddings, formerly known as North West Weddings.

I’m Liam an Irishman who loves tea, makes a mean cheesecake and has had a lifelong passion for film and storytelling since I was 9.

I have worked in the film industry for over 10 years, working in the UK, Ireland, Spain and America and I have met some amazing people along the way.

To me a wedding is a very personal journey that two people take, it’s a deep and special time that two come together to share with their loved ones.  And for me capturing every moment of that day is a very unique and emotional adventure and one that I’m honored to film.

I love working with couples that are utter romantics, adventurous and love to show their fun side.

Capturing the soul of their wedding day, from the moment they see each other to all those small and unexpected moments, all the emotion, beauty and creativity that their day has to offer makes my job so much more exciting.


I will also film special requests made by the bride and groom and will guide you both whenever possible

If you're looking for a documentary style wedding where I film as the day unfolds or a separate tailored wedding shoot retelling how you both met. We can do just about anything.

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