Here to support you during covid 19

As a wedding videographer, I can understand that times are really difficult for wedding couples. You have been planning your wedding for a long time and now you’re faced with uncertainty and stress with what is going on. I would like you all to know that I have taken these hard times into consideration and I am moving with the times we’re faced with. I am here to support you and your needs, even if that means having a friendly chat, I am  only a phone call away. After all we’re all human and in the same boat.


So as we’re heading into unknown territory I can offer support on packages and I will cater for you wedding day by adding or removing what isn’t needed, and if you just need your ceremony filmed, I can do that as well. We can even have your ceremony filmed, edited and up and ready within a few days so all your family and friends can experience your special moment. Our packages will be build to reflect the currant situation and prices will also reflect what you choose without losing any creative quality. 

So please feel free to get in contact to inquire about packages built around you and build around the current situation we're all in.  


So a little about my background.

I started wedding videography because I absolutely love story telling and I have a deep love for been a creative person with a camera. My passion doesn’t come from whether I have a 4k camera, fancy looking equipment or by speaking film jargon. It comes from what I capture and what is in my field of view when I hit the record button and those great and emotional moments appear. By doing what I love, I get to re-tell a bride and grooms day in a creative way and there are so many people with so much different stories and great creative moments. Getting up in the morning, heading to a wedding, practicing my passion and editing that memories into a film is why I love what I do. And if I can give my bride and groom happy tears, that makes me the happiest Irish fella around.

If you're one of our wedding couples you'll get a cinematic film that’ll highlight your wedding day, knock your socks off and make your friends and family reach for the tissues.

With weddings my un-intrusive approach makes sure that the bride and groom are ensured that their wedding day goes to plan. 


I also understand that your wedding day is a special one, one that that you’ve been planning for a long time down to the last minute. That beautiful dress you’ve picked out, the stunning venue you’ve beautifully prepared for the guests. So I promise that I’ll not take over your day and I’ll respect any wishes the bride, groom or gusts will have.  My motto is to make everyone feel at ease in front of the camera, be un-intrusive, friendly, relaxed and easy to get along with and if I can make someone laugh whilst capturing great shots that is a bonus I’ll add in for free.

Take a look at some of our amazing couples and get a feel for what I can do for you. 




Liam O'Hara
Wedding Videographer

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I’m a massive film lover and I'm extremely creative when it comes to what I do with film. I started my journey as a creative individual buying a high 8 camera when I was 18 and living in Co Clare Ireland. Traveling around I worked with other film maker all over before moving to the UK to get  a degree in film production. After working my way up the creative ladder, I’ve worked most of my adult life in production and as a presenter before taking the plunge into freelance. Now I eat, sleep and breathe film; I just can’t get enough of the creative side. Even in my spare time I will pick up the camera shoot my own productions, from shorts to charity events, fashion or small weddings to capture something different. I am very passionate about my work and been creative and I just love making people happy. With wedding my creative side allows me to bring my story telling skills all my wedding films. And every wedding is different, every bride and groom has a story to tell and I just love capturing each and every small detail of their story.  

Away from film, my favorite thing is cooking and I make a mean custard cream, coconut and white chocolate cheesecake.

To get in contact you please give us a call or click on the contact us link below to leave us your details and we'll be in contact within 24 hours. 

07854 462 363

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